Mounted Name Plate



Available in Solid Brass or Stainless Steel.

Each character is hand stamped. Not machine engraved.

Name Plates are the ideal solution to I.D tags that jungle, fall off the jump ring or corrode away.

An elegant alternative to jingling name tags.

Problems I have encountered with regular name tags – especially aluminium! Galvanic corrosion – Ever had a tag that the hole just seemed to get bigger until the tag just fell off? Then chances are that you had an Aluminum tag with a “metal” split ring that just got wet. Galvanic corrosion is caused by self-induced current created by electrical potential of two dissimilar metals in contact with an electrolyte. It can occur when two dissimilar metals (such aluminium and a steel ring) are connected in the presence of an electrolyte (water). If your dog swims or splashes at the beach, then you have most likely lost a tag this way.

2nd issue I have experienced with regular tags – I’ve just attached the lead to the split ring by accident and the dog pulls breaking the ring – and unable to find the tag as it goes flying off and really, at the time I was more concerned about getting my dog back on his lead!

3rd issue – They just jingle when the dogs shake their heads. Now I normally take their collars off at night so they can sleep “nude” for comfort but if I forget or am testing out new products and they wear their collars at night then when they have a head shake, the tag jingles.

Small tags fit from 2cm wide and up. Tags are approximately 6cm long

2 lines of information can be included. Name and one number fit well. A third line can be included, but it is a tight fit.

We always attach the tags as close to the D-Rings as possible so if your dog is found by someone, then as they look at the d-ring, they will see the mounted tag and call you. We also put the tag close to the D-ring to allow maximum adjustment of the collar. Especially if you are buying the collar for a puppy to grow into.

Please include your phone number on the check out page so you can be contacted if any information is required.

If multiple tags/ Collars being ordered, please confirm which tag is to go on which collar in your email. You can have up to 3 lines  (eg, Name and 2 phone numbers)

If in doubt as to which is the right tag for you or you are unsure of anything, please contact us directly.

Listing is for the TAG ONLY. Photos of the collars shown are to show what they look like on a collar.

ID Tags are now hand stamped as per the main photo

Options of Brass or Stainless Steel available. If  you would like to order a tag for an existing collar, you may do so and I will send you the rivets to attach yourself.