Classic Latigo Leather Dog Collar

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Our classic leather dog collars are individually hand cut from premium Latigo leather sides, using traditional techniques and tools.

What is Latigo Leather?

Latigo leather is both durable and pliable, making it suitable for rigorous activities and applications with rough usage. It is resistant to moisture and sweat, due to the high amounts of oil it is infused with during manufacture. As a result of this oil infusion, and the process of partial chrome tanning and partial vegetable tanning, latigo is more rigid than full chrome-tanned leather but less rigid than vegetable tanned leather. Due to the heavier weight and tanning process, latigo is more costly than most other cow leathers.



Leather is a natural product and while we use the absolute best sides available, slight blemishes are completely normal and add to to the beauty of the collar.

Each leather dog collar is custom made in our Sydney studio.

Our leather collars have been featured in Australian Harper’s Bazaar and HOMELIFE magazines.


The collars listed are made up and ready to ship.